Target Obsession: Pixi by Petra Review

I have been forever on the search for a new skin care routine. I have tried sample – after sample – after sample — only to find that my hormonal breakouts keep happening every month. In May, my skin was particularly horrible and I took the plunge into buying a ‘set’ of skin care products.

DIY Antique Chair Overhaul

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Nurse Residency Update:

Every new nurse feels some sort of terror of being responsible for the lives of their patients. Its natural, its a good thing, and eventually it fades away. During this time where you are a new grad transitioning from a student role to the role of a primary caregiver, a

Meal Prep: Chilled Peanut Noodles

This is the easiest meal prep for spring and summer’s warmer temperatures. It comes together in no time, needs very little prep work, and is pretty much a mix and dump cold noodle salad that is packed with flavor. Up the nutritional value by adding in extra veggies as toppings.

Bungalow Design Board: Living Room

Someone stop me, I have officially lost it. Why on earth I want a green couch so badly continues to baffle me. I have been seeing them pop up and every time they catch my eye.

Zucchini pie

With 90 degree temperatures encroaching on springtime weather, it seems as if summer is already here. Every summer, I get so excited about the fresh veggies at the market, and this year the farmers market had HUGE zucchini already. I first had zucchini pie while working for a husband and

Self Care: Weekly Recap

I want to preface this with the idea that SELF CARE IS NOT FACE MASKS AND BEAUTY PRODUCTS. There is so much more to it than that. Yes, self care can encompass a beauty routine, but that is not what its about at all. 

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