Restaurant Review: Storm Rhum Bar & Bistro, Asheville, NC

Storm Rhum Bar and Bistro has a really fresh vibe including old staples like: Edison light fixtures, mis-matched chairs, and lots of texture. There is an old school ambiance that you can’t find everywhere. They played bluegrass music complete with banjos and it made my soul content, it was the perfect set up to enjoy their menu.  img_0984-1

We ordered two appetizers. As always, I got the cheese board. This was wonderful with walnuts, bruschetta toasts, honey, and a jam compote accompanying four cheeses. Each were absolutely fantastic and I would not miss ordering this again. We also ordered the pigs ears. This is something totally outside of my comfort zone. Something about it just did not sound appetizing, but I tried it and it was actually tasty. I liked the super crunchy bits the best.

I ordered the BBQ shrimp and polenta appetizer as my entree. It was the greatest polenta I have ever eaten. The shrimp were divine and perfectly cooked. The BBQ rub was a perfect spice level. Blistered tomatoes and corn were on top. I liked the flavor of each but the corn did stick to my teeth a lot. If I get to order this again I will request it without corn.

The wreck fish entree was the best thing I ate there. It was salty and complex and served over that beautiful polenta. This dish was a total winner. I absolutely loved the salsa that was over top.

The chicken entree was juicy and packed with flavor. For a girl who generally dislikes potato salad, this one was surprisingly good and the greens were out of sight. Flavor was jam packed into this plate.

For the non-fish and seafood eater boyfriend of mine, there was a great burger that he enjoyed immensely. I did not personally try it but the fries were perfectly seasoned and crispy. I have been assured that this is a meat-and-potato-man’s ideal burger. 

If you find yourself in Asheville and need a place to eat, I highly suggest Storm Rhum Bar and Bistro for a laid back yet really delicious place to grab some awesome food. I can’t wait to go back and try out some more of their menu!

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