Weekender: Chicago, Illinois


Hello, Chicago! Nathan and I were invited up to a good friends wedding in Chicago recently and were so excited to go explore the city. We were amazed with how clean the downtown area was, how you have to pay up to $1 per plastic bag at stores (yay for earth-friendly, but difficult when you were unaware to plan for it), and all of the beautiful architecture.

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 11.54.53 AM.png

We adored our stay at the Hotel Allegro. The art deco details thought made us feel like we were back in time hobnobbing and living the lavish 1920’s era lifestyle. Swanky is an understatement. If we get the chance to go back, there is literally no way you could talk me into staying anywhere else. The service was impeccable, the bed was comfortable, the location was perfect, and did I mention the prosecco?


The dark and moody interior was the ideal setting to snap some selfies, unwind, and fall into an incredibly deep sleep on a very cozy bed. It felt like the most comfortable cave when the blackout curtains were drawn. I have decided that the lavish life is a good one… especially when it comes with complimentary prosecco {which it does from 5-6 daily}.

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 11.55.25 AM.png

While a weekend is not nearly enough to adequately experience the city in its entirety, we got a taste of Chicago and are eager for our next opportunity to return.


The parks are incredibly well maintained, and really capture the spirit of the city. Almost around every corner is some architectural anomaly that will capture your attention. Nate could not stop talking about the building that seemed to be balanced on a point. IMG_3608-1.JPG



My favorite spot for cocktails was very clearly the London House rooftop. There are three levels but if the weather allows, there is nothing like the view from the top. Their drinks are a little pricey, but definitely worth it. I had the sangria (always a hit) and the roaring 20’s which was delicious as well. They also had a menu that looked fantastic and I would love to eat here on my next trip.



We had full plans of fitting in as many restaurants as we could during this trip, but we ended up coming on the weekend for Taste of Chicago. Instead of waiting in many lines, we ended up eating vendor street food and loving every second of being in the city.


There was one restaurant that we just fell in love with called Brunch. OH. MY. GOD.


Everything, and I mean everything, we ate there was fantastic. I am a die-hard brunch fan and this place took the cake. If you are in Chicago and don’t go get the toast board you are seriously missing out. Take a look at their drool-worthy menu and you will see what I mean. IMG_3612-1.JPGIMG_3611-1.JPG

Add the deliciousness of every menu item with a cocktail list that could stand on its own, and you have a real winner here. Next time, I’m going for the fruity pebble french toast.


There is one last place that I feel like needs more attention: the Chicago culture center. We actually stumbled upon this after walking around and looking for a restroom during the Taste of Chicago. I am so glad we did. This building is a treasure.


Literally every corner is packed with beauty. I urge everyone to go and just take a minute to appreciate the mosaics, glass dome, and beautiful stone that fills this structure. It is free and really easy to get around in.


All in all, Chicago was pleasantly surprising. I will definitely have it on my bucket list to return and really spend some time seeing what all this city has to offer. Are there places that you would suggest for my next trip? If so, leave them in the comments!



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