Book Review: The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

I am a generally organized and mildly compulsive cleaner. When I received this book in a recent book swap I was really excited to see what it had in store for me. I have been wanting to do an overhaul of my life before my last semester as a full time student (yay) but nothing seemed to be sticking.


The KonMari Method, as Marie refers to it, is like nothing I have ever thought of before. Her approach to everything is very culturally different than how I have always cleaned. She swears by not having anything unless it brings you joy. I began cleaning my house based on that notion and wound up with a massive donation and trash pile. I am a minimalist at heart, I love organization, and I crave for things to look visually appealing.


I cannot wait to delve more into this cleaning process. The book is well written, well thought out, but does make me feel like I have not shown respect to my possessions as I should have. She writes from a traditional Japanese way of thinking, that your socks need rest, that your purse needs rest, and so forth, but I have never considered these notions. She grew up trying to find out ways and how to tidy, however, I began learning how to keep up with housework when I moved away from my parents house in 2007.


Cleaning by item (not by room), one perfect discarding session before beginning to place things back where they now belong, reduce until the point of contentment, and striving for perfection are all encapsulated in this book. She really breaks it down in an order that anyone could follow, and explains why this order works. All in all, if you are looking for a well oiled machine method of cleaning, and are prepared to totally overhaul your life in the process; then this is the book for you! IMG_4018.JPG



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