DIY Sugar Scrubs

On a recent trip to VA to visit my sister, I did what I do best…. over plan. This time, though it worked out in the most glorious of ways. I packed stuff to make these sugar scrubs at my sisters house. Thankfully, my mom and my sister were eager to participate.


The basic recipe is to combine :

  • 1 cup of sugar
  • per 1/4 cup oil (I love to use coconut oil)


From there, you can feel free to go a controlled sort of crazy with essential oils, butters (like shea butter), or mix ins like lavender, or whatever else strikes your fancy.

If adding essential oils, I always prefer doterra, but any will do as long as they are quality products. I use around 8-10 drops to start with when making a sugar scrub. You can always add more, but it is harder to mix in more oil and sugar after you over did it with essential oils.

For this recipe I decided to make a fall scent and used 5 drops citrus bliss, 2 drops cinnamon, and 2 drops clove essential oils.


After you mix the combinations together, I really like storing my scrubs in pint sized ball canning jars. They clean easily, store well, and a pack of four ball pint jars is PERFECT because one bag of sugar and one standard 8oz jar of coconut oil fills all four perfectly.



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