DIY Woven Art

Little known fact about me: I have a list for almost everything. My favorite list that keeps expanding is my ‘learning list’. This comprises all of the classes and things I want to learn how to do. One of the many things on this list is weaving. Here is where Level Up Lexington comes in. Level Up is a small company based in Louisville, KY who recently expanded to Lexington. I had the extreme pleasure of winning their most recent instagram contest to attend a class to learn how to weave a wall hanging. I enjoyed the experience so much I decided to write a small post about it. This is in no way, shape, or form sponsored… but I did win the tickets. <yay for instagram>


The incredibly talented Maddi of West Domestic taught the class and did a fantastic job. Weaving is at its root very forgiving, and it was fun to do something new that I have always wanted to try without having to figure it all out on my own.


She taught us three techniques, provided the looms as well as the yarn, needles, and her experience. I can’t say enough good things about her. She was so sweet, answered questions, and provided assistance in order for the class to get the hang of what she was saying.


The ability for creative people like me, without a specific hobby or passion, to be able to experience and try out different art forms is awesome. Not only did I have a great time hanging out with my mom during class, but I learned something new, was instructed by a pro, and had no crazy trial-and-error that comes with attempting a craft for the first time. I actually enjoyed it so much that I decided to go pick up more yarn to make another.


Although I still have a lot to learn when it comes to weaving, I really loved this introduction and would totally recommend Level Up if you are near Lexington.


What workshop style class would you suggest? I am always looking for things to add to my list, leave a comment below!

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