Kentucky Cider Mule Cocktail

If you love an easy cocktail for a crowd like I do, look no further. This bombshell is easy, keeps well, and is a real crowd favorite! This recipe takes the traditional mule to a new level of autumn bliss and happiness. Seriously, all you do is pour a bottle of bourbon and a gallon of apple cider into a serving vessel. Then just chill (or if the cider is shelf stable you can keep it at room temperature) until party time


Fill your glass with ice then pour in your cider and top with little bit of ginger beer. The Bundaberg brand is the best brand I have found for both taste and bottle appearance. They had it at COSTCO!

DSCN1260.jpgIf you so choose you can garnish with a lime wedge, a cinnamon stick, or even some apple slices to fancy it up a bit.

DSCN1262.jpgI served this at a party earlier this week and everyone loved it, even those who traditionally don’t like bourbon. WIN. You can feel free to substitute for vodka if you wish, it’s still delicious. Personally, I love the bourbon version most.

You can get a similar drink dispenser at Target with the adorable wood top. Amazon can ship you the ginger beer, or you can pick up another type at your local grocery store. Also, mule cups are everywhere! These are from Target, but any cup will do.

What are your go-to holiday drinks? Leave me a comment or link below. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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