Mini-Wreath DIY


IMG_0427.jpgI love a crafternoon as much as the next person, probably more than the next person actually. This past weekend I was able to see my mom and my sister (double bonus) and we decided to go to the local christmas shop. If you are anywhere near Lexington for the holiday’s Hillenmeyer Christmas Shop is not to be missed. It is beautifully curated, has santa appearances on certain days, and has the most inspiring greenery displays around. Just look at the pictures (like the one above + below) from this place and you will turn even the Grinch-iest hearts into a jolly soul. IMG_0869.jpg

After gathering some supplies and major inspo at Hillenmeyer, we went to the Dollar Tree to get wreath forms. They had both foam and twig wreath forms so I made one of each type. IMG_0457.jpg

The twig was a VERY simple form to work with. Dabs of hot glue and tucked greenery between the twigs made this minimalist wreath. Tie a holiday ribbon around the base of where you inserted the stems, blooms, and berries and VOILA, you have a cute wreath! DSC_0400.jpg

The more traditional foam wreath was a bit more complicated. We started this as an experiment and found that it was very simple to trim the wreath form to make more rounded edges since the form had such a harsh angle. We also picked up some ornament hooks to help affix the greenery to the wreath form. IMG_0463.jpg

Wire snips make trimming both thick greenery and the protruding ends of the wire really simple. If you bend the wire, it ends up just ripping at the foam and causing some instability with the wreath form. Keep layering greenery until your entire form is covered, then add extras like berries, bows, or my sister’s idea of orange peel rosettes which were too adorable! IMG_0460.jpg

Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 2.27.52 PM.png

To make the rosettes, peel an orange in as long of a stripe as you can working around the orange as you peel. A sharp knife really helps with this. After you have a long strip of orange peel lay it flat and make sure the peel doesn’t contain any actual fruit or ‘strings’ of peel. Then roll up lengthwise to create these rosettes. Hot glue really helped hold them in place.


These mini-wreaths all turned out so cute. There is really no right or wrong way to make a wreath, but don’t get discouraged half way through when it looks a little lackluster and bare. Great types of greenery to purchase include:

  • evergreen
  • eucalyptus
  • holly
  • red berries
  • boxwood
  • magnolia
  • pine
  • dried plants or flowers
  • pinecones




Do you have any wreath-making tips? Share them in the comments below. Next year we will definitely be doing this again, just maybe a little bit earlier in the season!

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