Defining my home design style: antique minimalism

It is with EXTREME excitement that I get to tell you I am officially in contract for a new home. It is not at all what I thought I was looking for, but it is perfect for this stage in my life and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. The road to new construction home ownership is long and tedious, so get ready to come along for the ride. I have almost 7 months exactly until my house is finished, leaving me a TON of time to plan and scheme. First things first, I feel like I need to define and refine my personal style. I appreciate so many things when it comes to design, this has been a huge undertaking.


Just because I have nothing else tangible to look at or post– right now it may be gravel, but this is the site of my future little house.

So I pretty much just made up the term “antique minimalism”, but it TOTALLY suits what I love about various forms of interior design. While thinking of the home I want to have, there are certain charms that really make my heart pitter patter.

Parts of Antique style that I love



moody colors




This photo by the homes feed makes me so happy. I love the natural elements, the antique pieces, and the clean lines it has everywhere. What a beautiful space!


Parts of minimalistic style that I love





easy upkeep

Or this photo just makes my heart happy. From the architectural detail to the black finishes, this entry is a stunner. I love vintage rugs and even wrote a whole post about them.   The antique pieces here have the chance to shine and that is what makes this space so perfect.


This style may seem like a total contradiction, and in some ways it is. I love details. I love the soaps with the pretty wrapping, art that is interesting and often historic, and beautiful everyday items. It is this that I think marries these two styles. If I have less of what I love, then each item actually has a chance to shine.

Finally, this photo  by team hay makes me happy to see varied pairings of new and old. I love the leather furniture and the pops of color.

The biggest issues I’m having with new construction, is the lack of original character that is so key to an antique style and no inspiration photos with those moody colors I love so much. I am looking for any and all suggestions on how to incorporate character into my tiny new-build. Leave a comment or shoot me an email if you can think of any ideas.




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