Bungalow Design Board: Half Bath

OK guys, I have 7 months until I am scheduled to move into my tiny house. This leaves me exactly one month per ‘room’ in the house. My OCD is screaming hallelujah. This month, its all about the smallest room in the house…. the epically tiny half bath on the main floor. Here are all of my design inspirations and ideas for this space, and once I purchase things I’ll do a round up of reviews with what I actually bought with some links.


There are so many things that I love about small bathrooms. While they can be difficult to get everything needed to fit, you can really go all out on the styling. I am pretty obsessed with this bold wallpaper and moulding combo from Emily Henderson Design. I am looking into getting a bold wallpaper to jazz up my extremely tiny half bath on the main floor.

Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 11.34.41 PM.png

This sink by Rejuvenation is an enamel version of my dreams. The tininess of the half bath really needs a small sink like this. The one that comes with the house is ok, however it is kind of hard to use because it is SO SMALL. Nate would have issue washing his hands efficiently in the sink that comes standard with the space, which is reason enough for me to look into other options.  Besides the price, the only reservations I have about the picture above is that it could go very ‘farmhouse’ quickly. While I appreciate that style, it would not go with anything else that I have planned for the house.


Other sink options that I’m loving are the wall mount options from Rejuvenation as well. I mean look at these bad-boys. They would be beautiful, but again, the price is a bit hearty. I could put a small pedestal in there, and that would look fine, but I love the idea of wall mounts.


Anthropologie has some killer wallpapers that I am drawing major inspiration from. First is the neutral olive branch wallpaper, then there is the super pretty blue pergola wallpaper,  and finally there is this incredible fern printed herbal wallpaper. All of these options are a little spendy, BUT in such a small scale the impact would be amazing. I have also looked into paint colors with a shoulder height chair rail… my favorite contenders at this point are listed below and are all from the Williamsburg Collection at Benjamin Moore.



As in the other post from the full bathroom, I’ll use the same faucet style in flat black, unless I need to pick a wall mount faucet. The above styles are both great options from amazon but it will really depend on the sink choice I am able to fit in.


This mirror option from Target is what I have selected for the master bath as well. I plan on utilizing it in both spaces because it is such a good price and it is a timeless no-fuss piece.

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 12.11.58 PM.png

As for lighting, I love this clean modern look of this light from the Project 62 line at Target. I will have to really shop around for fixtures that will work in this small of a space, but I love the glass, wood, and black combo of this wall mount. It makes me happy. I also really love gooseneck lights with metal shades. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for one of those as well!

The final part of the puzzle is the flooring, I am having the entire first floor done in a walnut tone hardwood, including this half bath. It is the only upgrade that I plan on having the builders install. I have been completely blessed to have a crafty family and a woodworker boyfriend who have offered to help me get everything in line for the house. The flooring, however, is just so much easier to lay while it is being built rather than added on while I am trying to move in. As for this bathroom, I’m really hoping my tiny rug from Turkey fits in.

What are your most-loved bathroom items? I’m looking for a few SMALL items that would make this space work. Let me know your ideas!

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