Self Care: Weekly Recap

Disclaimer: I am a Target affiliate and will receive a small commission if any purchases are made by clicking these links. I would never recommend something I didn’t 100% believe in and all the opinions I share on The Cozy Bungalow are my own.

I want to preface this with the idea that SELF CARE IS NOT FACE MASKS AND BEAUTY PRODUCTS. There is so much more to it than that. Yes, self care can encompass a beauty routine, but that is not what its about at all. I started and subsequently failed sharing an instagram project in mid February in part to keep myself accountable and in part because I wanted to share my experiences with pursuit of self care. I epically failed sharing all of my self care journey, but I did learn A LOT about myself, my body, and what I need to take care of myself.


Water Intake– one thing that everyone always tells you is to drink more water. For a long time now I have limited my soda intake. It was a decision I made mostly due to decreasing calorie intake at the onset of a weight loss journey, but thankfully it has stuck! Now I do enjoy lemonade, juice, and of course coffee, on a regular basis, so these are the drinks I have tried to trade for water. I have noticed clearer skin, less bloat, and no swelling in my feet since doing this for the last month. I’d count that as a total win.


Bath Time– this is my hands down favorite way to relax, but the products themselves do not equate to self care. Every week, I make the time to soak all my cares away, and take care of my skin at the same time. I have been experimenting with different soaks, scrubs, and so on (my favorites are linked below) over the past few months. There is something about this alone time that I really enjoy. I do some meditation while in the tub and really take the time to take care of my skin, my body, and reset my mind.

  1. Avātara eye and face masks
  2. Sheamoisture body scrub
  3. Super Soak healing bath
  4. SheaMoisture african black soap mud mask
  5. Lush butterball bath bomb


Eating well– meal prep has been something that I have done with semi regularity for years. Where I changed things up is meal prepping with intention. Getting actual nutrients in my meals instead of making them just quick and delicious. I have shared a few recipes that I really enjoyed like this Asian Inspired Salad.


Music — everyone loves music. Something I have really enjoyed over the past month is turning on music instead of TV. I find that I’m less sedentary, more relaxed, and not bogged down by the negativity on TV. This has made a HUGE impact to my everyday life. I find myself being more positive and not being sucked into the couch watching pointless television.

No social media day– Putting a lot of effort into daily posting and making a polished social media presence is so over rated. I have a small little following base, I blog because I like writing, and the past few months I have put the phone down for important things instead of experiencing everything through a screen. Did I still snap pics of my bad ass tacos for lunch, yeah buddy. But the change happens when things are important and you can be there to experience them with those you love without a phone in your face.

Go for a walk alone– I will admit that this winter I have missed being outside. I got so sucked into nursing school, boards, starting a new job, and so forth that I couldn’t get outside at all. The past few months I have taken advantage of every  opportunity to get outside and walk. Sometimes I go with a partner, but occasionally I have been going alone. This has been so therapeutic for me and I find time alone outside is something my life has been lacking all winter.


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