Target Obsession: Pixi by Petra Review

Disclaimer: I am a Target affiliate and will receive a small commission if any purchases are made by clicking some of these links. I would never recommend something I didn’t 100% believe in and all the opinions I share on The Cozy Bungalow are my own.


I have been on the search for a new skin care routine for what feels like forever. I have tried sample – after sample – after sample — only to find that my hormonal breakouts keep happening every month. Because it has been so long since I have found something that really works for me, I have developed a big a commitment phobia when it comes to spending money on beauty products. This spring my skin was particularly horrible and I took the plunge into buying a ‘set’ of skin care products.  I started with the mini flash facial set. I really liked this option because I got to try out multiple products for under $25 without dropping money on something wasn’t sure if I would love or not. With that being said I loved this sample kit so much I decided to go with this line for my skin care staples.


Here is what I have been using for the past few months with INCREDIBLE results:

  1. Glow Tonic— This tonic is seriously a game changer. I have really fluctuating skin between oily and dry and horrible hormonal acne that has developed over the past few years. No matter if I’m struggling with dryness or oiliness, this tonic helps leave my skin feeling clean and healthy. I use it after cleansing both in the morning and at night
  2. Facial Glow Mud Mask — This is a relatively new product that I’ve been using 2-3 times per week. It didn’t come in the mini facial set, but it was marketed for break-out prone skin. I am a HUGE mask fan and really liked this one. It left me feeling clean, moisturized, and my breakouts/redness continues to go down the more I use it.
  3. Rose flash balm — This is like a miracle moisturizer. I really enjoy using it. The scent is light but refreshing, and it doesn’t leave that greasy film on my skin. I love to use it on nights that I’m not masking or using the glow serum.
  4. Overnight Glow Serum — This is also a relatively new product for me, but I have been using it 3 days a week when I get off work. It really rejuvenates my skin and lets me wake up after working an overnight shift with improved skin. Who can complain with overnight results? Side-note: be sure to wear sunscreen after using this product.


Honorable mention goes to the trial size Peel and Polish  that I’ve been using once a week. I’m almost out and I’ll be picking up the full size soon!


I even bought a few make up things to sample:

  1. Sheer Cheek Gel I got the No. 1 Natural color, but it comes in two darker colors. I have been a long time fan of benefit cosmetic’s cheek tint and I personally like this formula better. I enjoy the lightness on my skin, and how it absorbs like a moisturizer. It lasts for a long time and looks really natural. Added bonus that it doubles as a lip tint. I love it when things serve multiple purposes.IMG_2421.jpg
  2. Brow Duo I got the medium shade, but it comes in tones for brunettes and blondes as well. I have big brows and I cannot lie– but these brows have scars behind them from childhood injuries (hello monkey bar fail), and they could use some help. What I like about this product is that not only does it come with a brow pencil, but also a shaping gel. Perfect combo and EVERYONE with brow probz should get this product. I have a video clip attached at the end of this post for this product.


Things I want to try next include: pore reducing primer, the powered foundation, and the fiber mascara. I have a feeling my makeup bag will be pixi-fied in no time.


If you want to order straight from the PIXI website, here is a referral code which will give me points and you $5 off your first order with free shipping over $25. Let me know in the comments what skin care products you love!


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