Product Review: Eden’s Garden Natural Soap

When I saw the instagram post by one of my favorite blogs, Hello Glow, with this giveaway for an entire line of natural soaps I got super excited and knew I had to enter. As luck would have it, I WON! Some days are just better than others, am I right? With that being said, I was in no way instructed to write this review. I just honestly loved the products so much that I figured I would share them.

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First off, let me say that Eden’s Garden has fabulous packaging. It a beautiful box when you open it up, there is little waste in their packaging, and it comes with a card of 150 ways to use essential oils. I loved those tips so much.

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I was sent all six scents of their natural soap and two scents of their body oil. When I opened up the box you could smell the lovely essential oils right away. By scent alone my favorites are the lemongrass and lavender + magnolia. All of them smell lovely, but those two just really wow-ed me.

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Not only do these soaps smell fantastic, they last for a good amount of time. Occasionally I have purchased natural soaps that seem to dissolve within a few days of opening the package. That did not happen here. I used the first few bars for several weeks a piece, just as long as other name-brand bar soaps.

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The last thing that I adored about these soaps were the ones with ‘bits’ in them. Namely the peppermint and the lemongrass. I love soaps with a bit of roughage in them as they are wonderfully exfoliating if rubbed directly onto the skin.

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The bath oils smelled fantastic and although I was skeptical, I am officially a bath oil fan. Traditionally, my baths are filled with salts/bombs/etc. but now that list will surely contain bath oils. I loved the scents and the silkiness of my skin after using them.


Special thanks to Hello Glow Blog and Eden’s Garden for their instagram contest and introducing me to these wonderful products.

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