30 Goals before I’m 30

With my birthday this year I had some emotions I was not expecting. 29 seems like the end of an era, the last year to get everything in order, the golden year. I decided to be constructive with these emotions and have been compiling a list of 30 goals to accomplish before my 30th birthday next year. A lot of these are already in process, and even more of them will set me up for future success. I thought long and hard about each one, and decided to be super vulnerable and share them with you.

  1. Buy first home
  2. Finish my degree — Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  3. Run a 5K
  4. Establish a skin care routine
  5. Read one book per month
  6. Pay off a debt
  7. Get in the habit of writing thank you cards
  8. Plant a garden
  9. Have an emergency fund
  10. Improve my posture both seated and standing
  11. Find an active hobby — kick boxing, hiking, cycling?
  12. Give myself a break, take a mental health day when needed
  13. Host a dinner party
  14. Begin learning a new language — italian, spanish, or french?
  15. Create distance from negativity
  16. Wear sunscreen daily, especially on my face
  17. Learn how to change my own oil and other minor vehicle maintenance
  18. Visit somewhere I have never been before
  19. Get to know my personal history
  20. Volunteer monthly
  21. Take a photography class either in person or online
  22. Go to a nursing conference to strengthen my career
  23. Upgrade my wardrobe– start to find staple pieces that will last
  24. Improve being clear with what I want
  25. Learn how to say no
  26. Educate self on local politics and events
  27. Get back into daily yoga, even if its for only 15-20 minutes
  28. Take a cooking class
  29. Live with less waste
  30. Drink the recommended daily amount of water

Does anyone else make yearly goals? What kind of things do you want to accomplish by your next milestone birthday?

Plus– if you have any tips about how to accomplish some of these, please, let me know in the comments below!


  1. Stanley Simmons says:

    Still totally inspiring………. Youre still the best……


    • Stanley you are too kind. Not inspiring, just trying to be honest with myself and focus on self improvement instead of beating myself up for self-perceived inadequacies. Hope you are doing well!


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