Picture Ledge DIY + Favorite Art Roundup

After purchasing my first little house, I have been super hesitant to put a ton of holes in the wall. I really love to rotate artwork and was nervous to start a gallery wall and want to change it in a few weeks. Then, I found these tiny little picture ledges at Target (where all glorious things come from, amiright?) and the idea came to me to make a giant version.

An easy trip to a home supply store to pick up a few essentials and for under $50 I had everything I needed to get started on my picture ledge.

  • 1×2 pine board, 8ft length
  • 1×3 pine board, 8ft length
  • 1×4 pine board, 8ft length
  • stain in color of choice, I used a walnut color
  • polyurethane, I used a satin finish
  • drywall setting screws
  • wood glue
  • not purchased but required: drill, clamps, sand paper

First thing I did while in the store was make sure all the boards were as close as possible to the same length, boards at big box lumber stores can be bowed or even a little off their ‘exact’ dimensions so just look at what you are buying. When I got them home I decided to apply the first coat of stain before screwing the boards together. This allowed me some forgiveness with the corners once it is all put together. Allow stain to dry completely, preferably overnight.

Then, run a thin bead of glue along the edges and stick together. The 1×4 is the back of the shelf, the 1×3 sits as the bottom, and the 1×2 is the front ledge. Clamp them in place and allow to dry the length of time listed on the container. Once the glue has dried you can pre drill holes starting from the back of the board into the bottom of the shelf. I used 6 screws just to make sure that it would be very sturdy.

Once the piece is secured, you can mount it to the wall. This is best accomplished with help in order to keep it level. In order to keep your shelf stable, you can find the studs and screw directly into those, or you can use setting screws which requires some measurement to ensure accuracy. Once mounted, I left the screws exposed since there will constantly be art in front of it, but if desired you can get stainable wood filler and fill the screw holes. In my opinion, wood filler doesn’t always look as good as you hoped.

Now that the ledge is built and attached, the fun part of styling it can begin. I love rotating art and this picture ledge will allow me to do just that. Currently, I’m using a bunch of black and white pieces that I had around and I love how it turned out.  

I adore art. All types, all styles, and all mediums. My recent favorites are from small artists with HUGE talent. All of these that I’ve linked offer both original pieces and prints of their original art. I hope you enjoy this roundup as much as I do.  Click the links to my top four current favorite independent artists to see all of their amazing works.

Laurie Anne Art made my top favorite artist list because of her stunning landscapes and beautiful nudes. The classic nature of her art is so appealing to me and really goes with any style decor. Check out her website for a full range of her work.

The Diggingest Girl I found Emily’s art at a local art show and fell in love. I have a few pieces of her block prints that make my heart incredibly happy. Her work ranges from inspirational quotes, to human form, to harry potter. There is truly something for everyone. Go check out her stuff, she even has a new book out of how to carve your own blocks.

CAF Creations I started following Corrine on Instagram and have been in love with her work ever since. My absolute favorite are her texture filled florals. The movement in all her work is outstanding and the reason why I keep looking at her portfolio. Her work also contains some absolutely stunning foreign landscapes from a trip around Europe. Stunning is an understatement and she has such a wide range to offer.

Kayla Weber Art is an artist from my hometown who has been a personal favorite of mine for some time. Her cheery interpretation of horse racing that Lexington is so known for just reminds me of home. While horses and Kentucky themed art are a common theme of hers, she has other works that are equally as appealing.

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