Restaurant Review: KY Native Cafe

It is a happy time to be alive, my FAVORITE spot in Lexington, the Kentucky Native Cafe, has opened up for the season.  This little spot is nestled in the heart of downtown and is a true oasis. It is set behind a florist shop and has so many nooks and quiet places set in a forest/garden scene where you can eat and enjoy every ounce of the delicious food they serve alongside some amazing cocktails


I have been to this cafe several times and their rotating selection never disappoints. The atmosphere at KY native is one of a kind, but their tapas style food is the thing that keeps you coming back.

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The menu is a rotation of tapas style dishes that can be ordered individually or as a duo or trio. I have not had any item that wasn’t absolutely delicious. They also have seasonal beverages, a great rotation of wines, draft lemonade, and beers from local breweries. One of my favorite things about the cafe is that you can always have a different experience during each visit.

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The greenhouses are working and living stores where you can get the most gorgeous plants to take home. Their orchids are absolutely stunning, as well as some of their other exotic plants. 


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  1. […] I have had success with plants purchased everywhere from wal-mart to a boutique greenhouse. It really is all in how you care from them and not buying plants that are doomed from the start. My absolute favorite place in Lexington happens to be Micheler’s Florist and Greenhouse which is where most of these photos were taken. Their selection is fantastic,and they have a cafe that is to die for (read review here). […]


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