My travel bucket list

I have always had a roaming soul, a travelers heart. For the past 5 years I have been entrenching myself in school, in work, and in life so that I could make travel a lifelong option. Now that phase of life is beginning to come to a close and my heart is so happy. I cannot wait to begin to travel again.

At my core, I am a complete type A personality and love planning. I thought I would make my top 10 bucket list of travel destinations. Some more attainable than others, but all super special in my mind. Hope you enjoy my dreaming list as much as I do.

  • Istanbul, Turkey: from the Hagia Sofia to the Blue Mosque to the Bazaar, Istanbul is at the top of my bucket list. I adore Turkey; the carpets, the food, the people. I kick myself every time I think of going to Izmir, Turkey and not stopping through Istanbul. If I get the opportunity to go I will jump without hesitation.
  • Budapest, Hungary: a city split in two, Buda and Pest. So much history. So much to see. The varying rulers of this city left so many different types of architecture and cultural imprints. A city this diverse is something I need to see.
  • Cusco/Lima, Peru: this has been the longest place on my bucket list. The mainly indigenous people have preserved and protected Machu Picchu and the surrounding areas. I have a burning desire to make the multi-day hike to this incredible place. While in Peru it would be hard not to experience the rest of the biodiversity that this country holds, even though Machu Picchu would be the ultimate goal.
  • Thailand: from Phuket, to Bangkok, to Chiang Mai, I would love to visit Thailand. The food, the temples, the rainforest. All of it seems so appealing to me. I would love to go to a floating market and eat all the curries. Heavenly.
  • Edinburgh, Scotland: although my minds eye pictures bagpipes, Sean Connery, and the Loch Ness monster, the real reason this city makes the bucket list lies right outside the city: Rosslyn Chapel. This 1446 medieval chapel is doused in history and mystery.
  • Petra, Jordan: Indiana Jones has nothing on Jordan. The history surrounding the Petra Treasury is incredible. Pair that wil being close enough for a day trip to both the Dead Sea and the Red Sea, and this spot becomes a must visit in my mind. The only downside is the nearly constant turmoil of Jordan’s neighboring countries.
  • Croatia: While visiting Dubrovnik I got hooked on Croatia. The Mediterranean lifestyle just got me, hook-line-and-sinker. The ecotourism opportunities are really unparalleled and the natural beauty of this ocean centered country is unmatched. Top of the list is island hopping, Plitvice Lakes, and truffle hunting.
  • Patagonia, Argentina: unspoiled nature. That’s what I imagine from Patagonia. The tip of South America, the end of a continent. Wild. Untamed. Peaceful. I want to see it all.
  • Havana, Cuba: this country makes the list because I want to see it before it becomes a tourist harbor. With the relatively recent option to travel to Cuba opened up by the US government, the historic and preserved city of Havana seems like a sun soaked dream.
  • Germany: Another country listed as a whole because I couldn’t just pick one place. My family ancestry is deeply rooted in Germany. My fathers lineage is very German and my grandparents on my mothers side we’re stationed in Germany while my grandpa was in the service. They even had their first child (my uncle) while overseas. The culture and history of Germany feels very kindred to me and it deserves the final spot on my top 10.

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