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Weekender: Vancouver, British Columbia

Canada, oh, Canada. My mom, sister, and I went for a quick 5 day girls trip to Vancouver. We went for the whale watching and ended up having so much more fun than we even expected. That’s saying a lot because when the three of us get together its always

Athens, Greece — Travels from 2013

I was so excited to go to Greece. I absolutely love Greek food, I had heard tales of its beauty, and the Acropolis was definitely on my bucket list of things to see. I felt like Indiana Jones getting to explore ancient ruins, only with a couple thousand extra  people

Dubrovnik, Croatia — travels from 2013

Dubrovnik was my favorite city that I have ever been to. The old city was surrounded by a large wall and totally pedestrian inside. It smelled fantastic, the exchange rate was great, everything was clean, and the people were incredibly friendly. What I learned in Dubrovnik is: I need to

Italy — Travels from 2013

In 2013 I was able to go on a ‘trip of a lifetime’ type vacation with my boyfriend, Nate. We were gone for nearly a month and absolutely fell in love with Europe, but we kept coming back to Italy. Rome While In Rome I learned that you need the

Izmir, Turkey — Travels from 2013

Turkey was a place that I honestly never thought I would be able to visit. Although during the time frame we visited, we were somewhat nervous about civil unrest and potential conflict, what we encountered was incredibly hospitable and gracious people. Izmir is home to a large outdoor market where

Belize — travels from 2009

It is hard to believe how many years ago that I was in Belize. What a life changing and wonderful experience. I was able to go to the Cockscomb Basin  Wildlife Preserve and to the coral reefs to help with research for Marshall University in the summer of 2009. \

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