Category: Crafting

Mini-Wreath DIY

  I love a crafternoon as much as the next person, probably more than the next person actually. This past weekend I was able to see my mom and my sister (double bonus) and we decided to go to the local christmas shop. If you are anywhere near Lexington for

DIY Woven Art

Little known fact about me: I have a list for almost everything. My favorite list that keeps expanding is my ‘learning list’. This comprises all of the classes and things I want to learn how to do. One of the many things on this list is weaving. Here is where

DIY Sugar Scrubs

On a recent trip to VA to visit my sister, I did what I do best…. over plan. This time, though it worked out in the most glorious of ways. I packed stuff to make these sugar scrubs at my sisters house. Thankfully, my mom and my sister were eager

Bath Bomb DIY

  Just like so many ladies, one of my FAVORITE ways to relax is a nice hot bath with some great bath products. Just sitting and soaking my cares away makes my week. I have been trying many different bath bombs recently, all from different companies, just to see what

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