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Product Review: Eden’s Garden Natural Soap

When I saw the instagram post by one of my favorite blogs, Hello Glow, with this giveaway for an entire line of natural soaps I got super excited and knew I had to enter. As luck would have it, I WON! Some days are just better than others, am I right?

30 Goals before I’m 30

With my birthday this year I had some emotions I was not expecting. 29 seems like the end of an era, the last year to get everything in order, the golden year. I decided to be constructive with these emotions and for the past two months have been compiling a

Target Obsession: Pixi by Petra Review

I have been forever on the search for a new skin care routine. I have tried sample – after sample – after sample — only to find that my hormonal breakouts keep happening every month. In May, my skin was particularly horrible and I took the plunge into buying a ‘set’ of skin care products.

Book Club: Brain on Fire by Susannah Cahalan

If you are like me, you need some good reads every once in awhile. On my days off, there is really little that I love more than to relax outside with a good book. Vacation season is coming up and this is a MUST PACK for travel reading. I have so many wonderful things to say about Brain on Fire by Susannah Cahalan . It is not only incredibly well written, it is a medical miracle that the author was even able to tell her story.

Target Obsession: Universal Thread

Disclaimer: I am a Target affiliate and will receive a small commission if any purchases are made by clicking these links. I would never recommend something I didn’t 100% believe in and all the opinions I share on The Cozy Bungalow are my own. If anyone knows me personally, they

How to pick the best vintage or handmade rug:

With all of the things that I love about home decor, a constant obsession of mine is vintage rugs. I just love the warmth and coziness they can bring to a room. Their worn to perfection essence really shares a history that few other items can provide. I was privileged

Book Review: The A to Z of You and Me

I  truly enjoy reading and try to complete one good book a month. I often fall short of this goal, but this book was SO worth the wait. I absolutely loved it. The author, James Hannah, does a fantastic job of keeping things interesting. This book is segmented into chapters,

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