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How to make grocery-store flowers look custom

On a recent trip to Kroger, I picked up these beautiful peonies. Everyone loves peony season, right? My arrangement went from there. I like to pick tightly budded flowers when buying them at the store. That allows longevity of your arrangement because they are typically the freshest. When buying flowers

February 2019

the sea the sky the way my heart feels when you are near there are some things too beautiful to be destroyed with understanding — Louise Alexandra Erskine

January 2019

i thank the universe for taking away everything it has taken and giving to me everything it is giving — balance by Rupi Kaur

30 Goals before I’m 30

With my birthday this year I had some emotions I was not expecting. 29 seems like the end of an era, the last year to get everything in order, the golden year. I decided to be constructive with these emotions and have been compiling a list of 30 goals to

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